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 We need your support on February 22, 2016 at 1PM

The hearing is this Monday, February 22, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. at the West Los Angeles Municipal Building, Second Floor Hearing Room, 1645 Corinth Avenue, Los Angeles 90025.  We urgently request your participation supporting our opposition to the hearing proceeding without fully informing the community and opposition to the current permit being approved by appearing at set time and place and/or sending a letter of opposition and/or providing your name and address and indicating that you oppose it.  If you are unable to attend, we urge you to email the Board at that you are opposed and we will provide this information at the hearing.


                LINDA KAYE

Current President.  Linda, President of TKO, a commercial real estate property and asset management company, has lived in Sunset Mesa 20 years and has served as SMPOA President since 2012/13.  She raised her daughter, former editor of the Sunset Mesa-Ge, in this neighborhood. 


Current Treasurer. Gregg, CEO of Rava Capital, a private money lender, has served on the Board since 2012-13.  Gregg and his wife are raising their two children here.  He has extensive experience in HOA matters, having served in various capacities on other neighborhood HOA’s.  His ability to clearly define issues has been invaluable to the current Board. 


Current Secretary.  Marco, a well- known west side communities luxury real estate agent and broker, recently moved to Sunset Mesa with his wife and two children.  His service to the community includes a beautification project on the stunning remodel of his home and this past year helped craft the Local Area Disclosure. 


Nancy, has lived in Sunset Mesa for over 40 years.  As current board member, she has served as Getty Liaison for the past several years.  She is an art enthusiast and collector and has been a swing vote on the Board this past year.


Howard and his family moved to Sunset Mesa in 2012.  He is a practicing and skilled arbitrator, litigator and transactional attorney specializing in commercial and residential real estate disputes.  His talent can be put to use helping us with PCH long traffic lights and Getty related traffic issues.


Rahul, Associate Professor at USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering, moved his family to Sunset Mesa in 2013.  The cited and published scholar joined forces with the Architect Committee and has engineered a follow up system that has kept the Architect Committee organized and working well, with the limited number of volunteers.


Larry, President and Broker of Klein Real Estate, a full service brokerage, is an original homeowner, having moved into Sunset Mesa in in 1954!  He raised his family and has put the entire family to work in his company! Larry brings knowledge, expertise, market awareness and of course legacy! 


Paulette has lived in Sunset Mesa for over 20 years and raised a family here.  It is hard to imagine Clifftop without her and the family.  Shew has been an organizer of that street’s block party, was the editor in chief of the Sunset Mesa-ge and hard to believe she has not served in a Board capacity. 


                Robyn,  a longtime Sunset Mesa resident, brings organizational skills that are much needed for the board.

Board Meeting Schedule


Monthly Meetings of the SMPOA Board of Directors will be posted on the community website and, unless a change is issued, held as follows:

August 16th Linda Kaye, President 18431 Kingsport Drive

September 13th Marco Rufo, Secretary 18459 Coastline Drive

October 11th Linda Kaye, President 18431 Kingsport Drive Drive

November 8th Anne Burkin, Board Member 3516 Shoreheights Drive

December 13th Nancy Posner, Getty Liaison 18456 Coastline Drive

January 10th Linda Kaye, President 18431 Kingsport Drive

February 21 Gregg Bernstein, Treasurer 18241 Wakecrest Drive

March 13th Marco Rufo, Secretary 18459 Coastline Drive

April 10thGregg Bernstein 18231 Wakecrest Drive

May 15th Anne Burkin, Board Member 3516 Shoreheights Drive

June 12th Linda Kaye, President 18431 Kingsport Drive June 2016


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