Sunset Mesa


1) How do I become more involved in my community?

There are many ways.  You can become a Board member or join the Architecture Committee.  You can join one of our other committees, the P.U.P Committee or the Beautification Committee or if you see a need in the community, bring your own idea to the Board for help and support.

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2) When does the Board meet and can I attend?

The Board meets the second Sunday of every month and you are always welcome.  The location of the Board meetings are always posted on the web under the tab SMPOA Board and the current meeting on the landing page.

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3) Can I attend AC meetings?

Yes.  The AC meets the second Saturday of every month unless other arrangements are made and their site visits and results can be found on the Architect tab..

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4) How much are my Association Dues?

The Association Dues are only $100 a year and, are mandatory.  They support your community and are greatly appreciated.

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5) How often do I get the Mesa-ge?

The Mesa-ge is a quarterly newsletter for the community.  We no longer send it to print.  If you would like to receive it please opt in to receive notices.  Your emails are never used for any other use but SMPOA business.

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