Sunset Mesa

Welcome to Our Community

Welcome to Sunset Mesa, a community that basks under California sun looking over the Pacific Ocean.

On this website, you can access many current and historical documents, including the CC&Rs for our residents and the By-Laws governing our Board of Directors.  You can also visit the Architecture Committee and its projects, guidelines, and decisions, and you can peruse the Sunset Mesa-ge and register to receive it electronically.

In The News

Notice of Public Hearing regarding PCH and RV Parking

Coastal Commission Hearing televised 12/14/17.  Time and challen tba

SMPOA on Coastal agenda postponed to March 9, 2018


                    ADT SIGN UP

Saturday, January 20, 2018 1-4 PM  hosted by LenOvsiovitz, 3710 Castlerock

                        Board/AC Schedule 2017-2018   

Month      Board Meeting        Host*                AC Site Visits   
September 9/7  6:30pm    Linda Kaye           9/5   6:30pm   
October       10/8 10:00am    Marco Rufo         10/7   10:00am   
November     11/5 10:00am    Jeremy Cohen      11/4   10:00am   
December     12/3 10:00am    Paulette Silver  12/2   10:00am   
January        1/7 10:00am    Gregg Bernsetein   1/6   10:00am   
February        2/4 10:00am    Howard Gould    2/3   10:00am   
March        3/4 10:00am    Albert Chang   3/3   10:00am   
April                4/8 10:00am    Jeremy Cohen   4/7   10:00am   
May                5/6 10:00am    Larry Klein           5/5   10:00am   
June        6/3 10:00am    Marco Rufo           6/2   10:00am   
Annual Meeting 6/14 6:30pm (location to be announced)  
*For additional information or address of the above hosts, please contact the Board