Sunset Mesa

Welcome to Our Community

Welcome to Sunset Mesa, a community that basks under California sun looking over the Pacific Ocean.

On this website, you can access many current and historical documents, including the CC&Rs for our residents and the By-Laws governing our Board of Directors.  You can also visit the Architecture Committee and its projects, guidelines, and decisions, and you can peruse the Sunset Mesa-ge and register to receive it electronically.

In The News

Notice of Public Hearing regarding PCH and RV Parking

Please see the Notice of Hearing. All members are encouraged to attend or submit letters on this important topic.


                  Board/AC Schedule 2017-2018   

Month      Board Meeting        Host*                AC Site Visits   
September 9/7  6:30pm    Linda Kaye           9/5   6:30pm   
October       10/8 10:00am    Marco Rufo         10/7   9:00am   
November     11/5 10:00am    Jeremy Cohen      11/4   9:00am   
December     12/3 10:00am    Howard Gould 12/2   9:00am   
January        1/7 10:00am    Paulette Silver   1/6   9:00am   
February        2/4 10:00am    Gregg Bernstein   2/3   9:00am   
March        3/4 10:00am    Albert Chang   3/3   9:00am   
April                4/8 10:00am    Jeremy Cohen   4/7   9:00am   
May                5/6 10:00am    Larry Klein           5/5   9:00am   
June        6/3 10:00am    Marco Rufo           6/2   9:00am   
Annual Meeting 6/14 6:30pm (location to be announced)  
*For additional information or address of the above hosts, please contact the Board